3DLES - Education in virtual worlds
Educating in virtual worlds is not just creating some virtual buildings and having your students running around with their avatar! It needs interaction and immersive experiences. Every object needs to teach something. The area needs to be one big learning experience.

What does 3DLES offer?
  • Project management
  • Educational support
  • Technical expertise in 3D environments
  • Project website design
Presenter in the Dutch area 'Nederland' at virtyouProject management
We can take care of planning, organizing, securing and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of your project goals and objectives.

- Educational content
As we are educators ourselves we can create in-world courses, role-play events, treasure hunts, or any other educational idea you may have.

- Technical expertise in 3D environments
Building and scripting in virtual worlds is what we do!

- Project website design 
The project can have its own website or online portal made by us. We have been building websites for over a decade.

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