Monday, December 2, 2013

OpenSim in stereoscopic 3D

Last week we (3DLES) did a presentation on an educational fair in the Netherlands in stereoscopic 3D with a Epson 3D beamer and the CtrlAltStudio viewer for OpenSim. The Dutch company EPS-presentation invited us to present our educational OpenSimulator environment on this fantastic beamer. The result was amazingly good and it was also quite easy to work and build in this 3D mode. Some teachers were uncomfortable with the 3D view but the young students were all very excited.
Epson 3D beamer(s)
As you can see the beamer is actually two beamers in a frame. One beamer for the left and one for the right eye. See the specs of the beamer, and it has a very good pricing, around € 1600. The CtrlAltStudio viewer version 1.0 ( on a Windows 7 computer connected it all to our 3DLES OpenSim environment.  Really a great experience.