Monday, June 20, 2011

Scratch4Opensim - Scripting in OpenSim made easy

Scratch4Opensim is a great tool for creating easy scripts in OpenSim. It has been around for a few years now but everyone I talked to so far (in Holland) had never heard of Scratch. For simple tasks Scratch is perfect, it is fast and easy. And educators (like me) can use Scratch as a perfect tool to learn children and teens how to script.

To get an idea of what Scratch4Opensim can do there is this nice tutorial on Youtube to watch. In 9 minutes Avasari Buninyong shows the possibilities of Scratch4Opensim on a simple way.

New edition?Now you might think this is old news, but this summer (2011) some clever guys will work on a new version called Scratch3D. I think this will be an online version, made in Flash, where the old Scatch4Opensim version will be integrated. More info about this can be found at 

Any more scripting sites?
Try it for yourself and have fun this summer. Looking forward to see the new Scratch3D made in Flash!

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